What Do We Offer?

At Phoenix K9 Training we are proud of the services we offer to not just the owners but most importantly the dogs. We are always thrilled to see how your dogs develop whilst training with us. Take a look at the services we offer below.

Pack Walks

Pack walks are 2 hours long and include a lot of training for each individual dog, all dogs also receive pick up and drop off service. They get to socialise within the pack as well as getting a lot of training and structure during the walk.

They are returned home feeling mentally and physically exhausted. I walk up to 10 dogs at a time and I have multiple pack walkers around Surrey that help me with this service. When you sign up, you will be assigned a pack walker depending on where you live.

Monday to Friday


Price is per dog

Dog Running

Dog running is exactly as it sounds. I go running with the dog for an hour. This is highly recommended for dogs with a lot of energy, or for dogs who are not so interested in being around other dogs. The groups are very small or can be offered on a 1-1 basis.

Monday to Friday


Price is per dog

Training Walks

These walks are solo walks for dogs who need extra attention for their behaviour on their daily walks. Or for dogs who don't enjoy socialising with other dogs.

A lot of problems owners face are issues that arise on the dog walks. I designed these walks to combine mental and physical stimulation for your dog, I target all the problems you have been facing as well as any others I notice. They will come home happy, exhausted and having learnt a whole lot without being stressed in the presence of other dogs.

Solo Sessions


Price is per session

Group Classes

I offer 3 different group classes, New Puppy Owners, Adolescent Dogs, and Advanced Obedience. All of my classes have a 6 dog maximum rule and run for 8 classes.

New Puppy


Adolescent Dogs


Advanced Obedience


Training Days

Training Days are available as a Full or Half day. On these days you will come to me. We will dedicate the whole day to creating a phenomenal working relationship between you and your dog(s). There is a lot of theory as well as practical work and the dog is given multiple breaks for naps & recharging.

Full Day


8 Hour Session between 10am and 6pm

Half Day


5 Hour Session between 9am and 2pm or 1pm and 6pm

1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training Sessions are totally tailored to you & your dog. I do these lessons from the comfort of your own home if you are local. If not, I invite you to come down to visit me for a few hours and we can get to work!
There are different options for this type of training.

Puppy Package

(Dogs aged 2 to 8 Months)

  • 10x One Hour Sessions
Adult Dog Basic Package

(Adult Dogs Only)

  • 6x One Hour Sessions
Adult Dog Premium Package

(Adult Dogs Only)

  • 6x Two Hour Sessions
Adult Dog Extreme Package

(Adult Dogs Only)

  • 8x Two Hour Sessions
Puppy (One Off)

Per Session

  • One Hour Session
Adult Dog Basic (One Off)

Per Session

  • One Hour Session
Adult Dog Premium (One Off)

Per Session

  • Two Hour Session

Virtual Lessons

For those of you who live overseas or hours away from me. We can work together virtually via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

60 Min Session

Per Session

  • FaceTime, Skype or Zoom
  • Customised Sessions
  • Develop New Skills
90 Min Session

Per Session

  • FaceTime, Skype or Zoom
  • Training Specific to your Dog
  • Work on Behavioral Issues