What Do Our Clients Say?

At Phoenix K9 Training we are always in constant contact with the owners of the dogs we're training. It makes us really happy to hear the positive impact that we're enabling between Dog and Owner. Below are just a few comments from our clients.

  • “We actually can't believe how much Ches loves Maui, our cockerpoo, and, how much Maui loves Ches! Ches is reliable, trustworthy and really connects with all the dogs she walks. She is confident with all the dogs and takes exceptionally good care of them.”
  • I have a large rescued German Shepherd, Nero and he needed to stop his 4 hour pack walks with his original trainer. Nero now does Ches' pack walks once a week to keep up his socialization. Ches worked with his other trainer to help him change packs and it has been very successful. Nero loves her and I am always totally confident she knows exactly how to handle him. Thank you Ches.
  • Ches reguarly has Poppy for both Pack & Training walks. Poppy has learnt so much from the pack walk dogs and is now calm and relaxed around other dogs. Each walk involves learning and practising skills. Poppy returns having had a lovely walk and is absolutely shattered. Everyone is amazed how well behaved Poppy is now compared to the early days. I have Ches to thank for that. I can honestly say I don't know what we would have done without her.
  • We have tried a few dog walkers and we are so glad that we finally found Ches! We'll never leave! Poppy comes home from her walks happy and exhausted - perfect combination. Poppy has also learned some incredible skills on her walks which I have been able to transfer to my walks with her, like 'safe' and 'heel' off the lead.
  • We have been using Phoenix K9 Training since 2018 and we have been so pleased with the difference she has made with our dog. She walks our darling Lola everyday. Providing her with the mental stimulation she requires through exciting walks, training and socialisation. We love catching up with what our dog has been up to during the day with her beautiful pictures & videos. Ches is calm, flexible and clearly loves all the dogs she works with; we have learnt a lot from her.
    Louise & Toby
  • Ches has been training and exercising Zig for some time now. He absolutely adores her and his doggy friends who he walks with every day. He always comes home physically and mentally tired and has learned some great things that make him even more pleasurable to go for a walk with. Ches is very professional and reliable. She only takes on dogs that she knows will fit in with her regulars.

1-2-1 Clients

  • “Ches helped us with our 3 year old cocker poo Monty. We couldn't be happier with the results we have seen in a short space of time. Our very friendly and sociable dog had started getting nervous & barky towards bigger dogs. Then became terrified if they decided to chase him. It was making walks harder and less enjoyable. We also had a problem with his ignoring of commands and recall when in his own garden. After 2 sessions at home with Ches I started to see changes in his behaviour almost straight away and it felt as if he was far more relaxed and confident on our walks which also allowed me to relax more too. We accompanied Ches on a walk so she could see him first hand on a walk. She gave me lots of helpful advice during this session which I have been able to continue to use. I would recommend Ches to anyone needing help with their dog as her informative, calm, caring and professional approach comes through on your first session. She provides you with clear training guidelines, and a detailed plan of action. For me though, more important than that, is Ches's love and passion of dogs and her desire to help you and your dog get the most out of your relationship together.”
    Alison (Surrey)
  • “We were recommended Ches by a good friend who had had a very positive experience of using her as a dog trainer. After the sad death of our last dog we bought a new puppy who has quite challenging and specific breed traits. Ches has given us straight forward strategies for controlling our new dog. When we had problems Ches responded quickly to our questions and again solved our problems with sensible and sensitive solutions.”
    Lindsey (Windsor)
  • “Ches has been brilliant training us and our lovely super sociable bull-mastiff puppy, Luna from about 4 months old. She has an amazing knowledge of dogs and their behavior and how to alter the ones you don't want. She had a solution for everything we managed to throw at her. She is really enthusiastic and obviously a dogaholic and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
    Susie (Windsor)
  • “Ches has been helping me train my pug, Kiki. She is a 2 year old with a mind of her own! She pulls on the lead, barks constantly, and she will eat anything and everything! Ches has worked miracles with Kiki, it's amazing how dogs immediately pick up when a person known how to communicate clearly with them. We are still in training and have a few more lessons scheduled with Ches, but the immediate difference in Kiki is such a relief! It has also been a pleasure to watch Ches work with her own two dogs and the other dogs in her care. I've learned loads, she posts on her facebook and instagram with really interesting information. We can't wait to continue our training! Thank you Ches!!”
    Linny (London)
  • “We love Ches, she’s so much more than a dog walker! Ches is incredibly dedicated to reforming excited and unruly dogs, and commands and earns their trust almost instantly. Ches is highly knowledgeable and observant of the dogs characteristics which helped when we were having a few barking issues with Maui when she walks with our toddler. Ches provided us with a wealth of very useful tips and methods given verballey in our sessions as well as a follow up homework PDF. We think Ches provides a fantastic level of service, her dedication and positive training methods, and connection to the dogs is like nothing we have seen before. We highly recommend Ches to anyone who needs anything from basic puppy training to full blown doggy boot camp! Ches is a trust worthy dog whisperer who can teach your dog to behave on and off lead and adapt to any circumstance or situation. We can’t wait for our next session with Ches!”
    Jennifer (Surrey)
  • “We initially met Ches for 1-2-1 help with training Poppy when she was 3 months old. I wasn't keen on going to puppy training classes but I knew that both Poppy and I needed training. We had experienced the loss of our previous puppy at 3 months in traumatic circumstances so I was wary of other dogs which I felt I was transferring to Poppy. She was also much more wilfull than our previous puppy and I felt a bit lost as to how to deal with her. From the first session I felt confident that Ches could help both Poppy and I. She listened carefully to all the concerns I had and devised a structured training programme for us, including homework! Poppy has responded so well to the training and we are both happier and more confident now.”